our mission

The European Card Payment Cooperation ECPC wants to create and support the deployment of the CPACE ecosystem in the payments industry.

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ECPC’s objectives

To create, maintain and evolve the CPACE specifications.

a Generic Dual Interface Card

is included in the current CPACE specification.

a Mobile Payment Application

is included in the current CPACE specification.

a POS contactless Kernel

is included in the current CPACE specification.

CPACE is the new specification

CPACE stands for CPA Contactless Extensions.

builds on the EMVCo CPA standard specification

by adding the necessary card and mobile extensions for both contactless and remote payments for mobile use.

There are 4 parts to the CPACE specifications:

  • CPACE – DIC: Dual Interface Cards
  • CPACE – Terminal Kernel
  • CPACE – HCE: Mobiles with Host Card Emulation
  • CPACE – SE: Mobiles with Secure Elements (planned).

The CPACE specifications are complemented by a comprehensive certification framework, which is currently being worked on. EMVCo has assigned the kernel ID 2E to the CPACE contactless kernel as a reference in the card application and in the terminal application.