ECPC 2024 Experience Feedback

Exploring the CPACE Ecosystem: Insights from Industry Leaders

As the European Card Payment Cooperation (ECPC) continues the work as payment innovations enabler with its CPACE specifications, we have initiated a series of interviews to gather valuable insights and experiences from various stakeholders across the globe. These interviews provide a unique perspective on the adoption and implementation of CPACE, highlighting its benefits and future potential in the evolving payments landscape.

This series delves into the practical applications and benefits of CPACE, showcasing how different organizations are leveraging this innovative standard to enhance their payment systems. Join us as we explore these experiences and discover the impactful ways CPACE is transforming card payments around the world.

If you are a member of ECPC or a CPACE stakeholder and would like to be featured, feel free to contact us. Your insights can help shape the future of payment technologies and inspire others in the industry.